Bear hunting

Bear hunting is now fully booked! Please contact Jaaana Puhakka for possible hunting opportunities in case of cancellations:

August 19Ilomantsi shooting range
2.00 PM ->

Shooting test (for those who need it, more info will be sent to participants later on). The test consists of four shots, all of which need to be in the target zone. Price 20 €/person

Transportation to Megrin Matkailu


At Megrin Matkailu

4.00-6.00 PM

Information about practical matters, rules, and safety aspects related to bear hunting. Compulsory for all participants.

6.00-7.00 PM

Practical arrangements: equipment and safety, hunting licences, and other permits, guns, ammunition etc.

7.00 PM 


8.00 PM 


August 20

Ilomantsi shooting range

02.30-03.25 AM

Wake up, breakfast, and preparing your own snacks for the hunt

03.30-04.00 AM

Transportation to the hunting grounds

04.00 AM ->

Arrival to the hunting grounds and transportation to the hunting towers.
Hunting (and if the bear is shot, gathering at the location of the successful hunt)

11.30 AM

Transportation to the Fighter's House restaurant, Hattuvaara village

12.00 PM


1.00 PM

Transportation to Megrin Matkailu

4.00 PM

A chance to enjoy a smoke sauna plus a light afternoon snack

6.00 PM

“Karhunpeijaiset” play and dinner (Karhunpeijaiset is an old Finnish word referring to the celebratory feast after a successful bear hunt.) The festive dinner will be enjoyed together with the actors
Informal program



As a hunter: €200/person. Maximum number of participants: 10 persons. Each participant will have a personal guide next to her/him in the hunting tower.

As a hunter with a dog instructor:  €200/person.  Maximum number of participants: 5 persons. The participant will follow the dog instructor who also takes part in the hunt with a rifle.

As an observer: 200€/person. Maximum number of participants: 5 persons. Each participant will stay in the hunting tower with a hunter who also acts as a personal guide.


Program (as described above, minor changes possible), all transportation during the hunt, meals, (snacks, lunch and dinners) and safety equipment (vest, cap)

Not included

Accommodation, personal equipment. Permits and licences (according to hunting regulations in Finland).

Additional costs

Trophy fee is €350 (includes the skull, skin, and the baculum of a male bear).  


Please be prepared to provide the necessary documents required by the Finnish hunting legislation if you take part in bear hunting as a hunter or as a hunter with a dog instructor. Detailed instructions and information will be sent to the registered participants. Please remember that slots in the hunt will be filled in the order of registration. So, the earlier you register, the more certain it is to participate in the hunt.

Practical information related to bear hunting

Please bring your own hunting gear (clothing, boots, etc.) and other personal items needed in hunting. We will provide you with the orange vest and cap.  

Please remember that there might be quite a bunch of mosquitos and deer flies. Scented insect repellents can also act as a bear repellent. So, if you are bothered by the insects, please bring your own mosquito head net and thin gloves.

Please check the local weather forecast in advance to know what kind of clothing to bring.

Hunting information
You can find general information on hunting in Finland here.