Other programs

Welcoming party 17th August 2018

Place: Megrin Matkailu B&B
Address: Yliopistontie 4, 82900 Ilomantsi
Time: 19.30 -21.00
Program: Welcome to Ilomantsi (hosted by Ilomantsi Municipality)
Opening words by Mrs Marjut Ahokas, Mayor
Karelian style party snacks and some beverages
Dress code: Informal outfit for relaxed and easy get to know each other – party

Program for accompanying persons on 18th August 2018

Guided fishing trip to Koitajoki River at Möhkö rapids
Schedule and program (minor changes possible):
7.30- 8.00 Transportation to Möhkö (pick up from Megrin Matkailu or centre of Ilomantsi)
8.30- 11.30 Fishing
11.30-12.00 Transportation to Ilomantsi Municipality Hall 
12.15-14.30 Lunch and visit to Bear Festival and Wild Food Festival
14.30-14.45 Transportation to Distillery
15.00-16.15 Whisky and gin tasting
16.30 Transportation to Megrin Matkailu

Price: 70€/person
Includes: Guided program, all licences and permits, fishing equipment, transportation, lunch, whisky and gin tasting at the Distillery 
Dress code: Outdoor clothes suitable for fishing

Karelian style Gala Dinner on 18th August 2018

Place: Restaurant Parppein Pirtti
Transportation: Pick up 18.30 (pick up from Megrin Matkailu)
Dinner: 19.00 -
Menu: Presents the best of Karelian cuisine with seasonal vegetables, Karelian pies and pasties, wild mushrooms, lake fish, game and berries
Dress code: Cocktail dress, national costume or another similar outfit
Price: 65€/person

Post conference excursion to Petkeljärvi National Park 19th August 2018

Address: Petkeljärventie 55, 82900 Ilomantsi
Price: 25€/person
Dress code: Comfortable outdoor clothes and good walking or hiking shoes
Includes: Transportation (from Megrin Matkailu/centre of Ilomantsi to Petkeljärvi National Park and return), lunch, guided introduction to National Parks in Finland and visit to war historical places and guided hike of 3,5 km in the park.
Schedule (minor changes possible)
9.00-9.30 Transportation by bus from Megrin Matkailu to Petkeljärvi National Park
9.30-11.30 Hike in the park and visit war historical sites at Petkeljärvi National Park
11.30-12.45 Lunch
13.00-13.45 Introduction to Finnish National Park system 
14.00-14.30 Transportation by bus to centre of Ilomantsi and to Megrin Matkailu

Petkeljärvi National Park shortly:
Pine-clad esker ridges and pristine blue lakes are characteristic to this beautiful national park. Petkeljärvi National Park also is war historical place and some renovated battle trenches and dug-outs from the Second World War (Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union 1939-40) at can be found at the park. For more detailed information please visit: http://www.nationalparks.fi/petkeljarvinp


Other events in Ilomantsi during the WaSH IV -conference

The annual Bear Festival (from 16th-18th August) is a festival for self-made artists who come to Ilomantsi to sculpt bear statues (by hand or by chainsaws).
The Wild Food Festival (on 18th August) is a pop-up restaurant event displaying and celebrating the wild ingredients from Finland. For further information please visit: https://msl.fi/karhufestivaali/english/