Permits for the bear hunting

Firearms pass

The EU Firearms Pass acts as your gun license in Finland. Please contact your airline in advance to arrange for the gun and cartridge transportation. If you want to use a borrowed gun, please bring your EU firearms pass with you to prove that you are permitted to do so. If you do not have the pass, you can only use the gun under the immediate supervision of a person who has the necessary gun license)

If you do not own the EU firearms pass, please contact the Finnish police to acquire a temporary license for the gun and cartridges. 

Finnish hunting license

The Finnish hunting license costs €39 and the big game shooting test certificate for foreigners €15.  You can purchase them if you have a valid hunting license and are allowed to shoot equal-sized animals in your own country.

To acquire the Finnish hunting license, please send the copy or scanned photo of your ID card and hunting card (UK = Firearm certificate). They both need to be from the same country. Please also include proof of your big game shooting test (e.g. a scanned photo of the test certificate or a signed testimony of local hunting authorities). Please send the documents to (Paula Laukkanen) by July 15 at the latest. Your hunting card should show that it is still valid (e.g. date, annual stamp, included receipt). 

Shooting test

You can also do the Finnish shooting test (€20) in Finland if you have your own bear-legal gun with you and a valid Finnish hunting license.